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The general concept for Change For Earth began when two of our environmental Directors struck up a conversation with another environmental activist. The three discussed the disparity between the great need to protect our environment and the lack of resources to accomplish such a major task. Everyone agreed that we would need the masses to accomplish such a mission.

Today environmental organizations are fighting hard but they are pitted up against big business interests. Clearly this is a David verses Goliath scenario and only through uniting the many can we succeed in saving our Earth.

The conversation then turned to creating solutions, which brought about Change For Earth. We feel this concept will spread quickly and will successfully engage the many to bring about positive environmental change.

Please consider joining and working with our group to raise social awareness toward saving Earth. The change we collectively provide will demonstrate the desire we have to protect our air, water, land, wildlife and plant life. Help protect our rights and defend our Earth. Join us today!

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